Marius Chronicles

Session 2

Earthsday, 9th of the Month of the Spear

Heading back to Longblade’s Peak, the party runs across the local giant. Some fast talking, and even faster handing-out of money, gets them by him without much of a hitch. There is a spirited and somewhat disturbing discussion about what to do with the wolf pups.

Moonday, 11th of the month of the Spear

The party arrives in Longblade’s Peak. Melina and Rikus go with Agis to see lord Erza. After debriefing, Erza sends Melina to find out more about the Lion and his reasons for coming to the city. Rikus stays behind with Erza to try and discover more about Agis.

Melina and Haifah meet the Lion at the Green Dragon for dinner. A long and…informative conversation progresses. The party discussed the role of the Lion, the Eladrin, the temple of Dios, the whereabouts and tales of the heroes of Ben’s Hope and the temple of Pelor over a rack of roasted lamb, mashed turnips and fresh bread with butter.

Melina returns to Erza’s manor. They discuss his theory on Agis (some new kind of golem), and how Melina needs to see the Eladrin ambassador regarding his vision (as well as a chastising for not revealing it earlier). Melina promised to go first thing in the morning.

Late that night, Haifah awakes with the horrible feeling that she was not along in her cell. She’s surprised by a sudden crash and a burst of blue fire as a large, muscled figure bolts the door. Haifah barely has time to get dressed before the room is engulfed in the strange, quick-moving flames. She runs from room to room warning people to escape, and by the time the building has been cleared, it is entirely engulfed in flame. Jorish, the school headmaster, let her stay the night in his office as he and the roused Lion work at battling the fire.

Firesday, 12th of the month of the Spear

Melina meets with ambassador Gadlyn in the morning to discuss her visions. She is dismayed but somewhat relieved to find out that the visions were in fact, not hers. The ambassador asks her to gather the others from the cave together to investigate further.

Haifah meets with Jorish early in the morning as well. Though he profusely claims to be sad to do so, Jorish expelles her, saying students would be uncomfortable returning to a school with an alchemist – after it had been burnt down by alchemical fire. Though she burns with anger at the injustice, Haifah wordlessly storms out.

Later in the morning, Melina tracks Haifah down in the merchant quarter, trying to replace some of her lost possessions, and convinces her they should go and see the ambassador together. They find the Lion over a breakfast of blackened trout. After some convincing, he also reluctantly agrees to go along.

Once gathered, Gadlyn explains that the visions were premonitions, the same granted to the famed seers of their old friend Marius’ house, Al-Fasa. Through Gadlyn’s powers, all were able to see the visions again in attempt to glean more information from them. Haifah identifies the golden and glass dome of the great temple in Shujek. The Lion knows of the great statue of Midrun in Guild, and all have seen Portown’s waterwheel before. Sadly, neither Melina or the ambassador are able to identify the location or house of the mysterious Eladrin in the vision. The ambassador charges the group to travel to Northstar, seek out the Eladrin oracle and investigate further.

As Haifah and Melina exit the ambassador’s chamber, they’re surprised to find Erza waiting for them. Warning them to take care of Agis, and be careful with it. The construct is something unique and unknown. He asks Haifa to use all of her skill to study it, for Melina to protect it, and above all for both of them to make sure it is kept secret – at the very least for the fright it could give to the citizenry.
In exchange for her assistance, Erza offers to get Haifah back into the school. Haifah agrees, but with the provision that Jorish is expelled on her return. Erza smiles, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Sesson 1

Earthsday, 5th of the Month of the Spear:

Young Haifah of Narhim is asked, to her great dismay, to accompany Rickus on a mission to investigate a mysterious death and an arcane presence in a cave in the north Urz mountains. She agrees as curtly as possible, much to her instructor’s dismay.

One of Lord Erza’s agents, Melina is asked to go along as protection.

Moonday, 7th of the Month of the Spear:

After traveling through Ben’s Hope, and frightening a few townspeople with their fish-carving skills, the adventurers travel into the mountains, along Dry-run Pass. Eventually they reach the ‘Bone Tree’ as marked on their map. There, they are met by ‘The Lion of the Urz’, a scarred axe wielding tribesman (or not, he is armored as a soldier of Guild), who offers to help them with their mission. They break for the night, eat a brash of conies, and rest, though Melina spends most of the night starring at the Lion.

Firesday, 8th of the Month of the Spear:

The new party of four finds the body nearby the mysterious cave. Haifah examines the body, finding the man to have died of blunt trauma before being ripped apart. The adventurers burn the body and continue on to the cave.

Inside the cave they find a stubborn wolf, a magical trap (to the lion’s chagrin), an ancient and abandoned laboratory, and most surprisingly, a creature made entirely of crystal. Several worn and ancient notes are found referring to “20,000 years”, “conductive”, “construct?”, and “through the mountain”.

While tring to free the crystal being, the group is stuck by horrific visions of destruction and terror.

The group recovers quickly to the sound of growls and barks as the rest of the wolf pack returns. The heroes defeat their snarling foes only to find the crystal being standing awake. After several attempts, they learn to communicate with each other and decide to head back to Long Blade’s Peak.


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