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Longblade’s Peak
The citizens have taken to calling it, ‘The Night of Fire’. That night when their city, surrounded by monsters, was nearly devoured in fires from the very pits of hell. That night, the city saw the rise of its greatest heroes against a terrible evil, and saw those same heroes sacrifice everything, including themselves against it.

Three years have passed, and in the aftermath, much has changed. The city has buried it’s dead, rebuilt its defenses, and on the advice of its heroes, driven the followers of Asmodeus out from its walls. Treaties were made with the mountain tribes and patrols sent to the hills to ensure no goblin or orc every threatens the city again.

Pokey gathered his belongings (and some other people’s) and set out in search of his captain. Though rumored to have disappeared years ago, the name of the dread pirate Merric still sends shivers down the timbers of sailors everywhere.

Rikus, in constant search of answers for his lost family, town as well as his very nature, took up study within Longblade’s Peak. He now runs the city library in place of the new official city seer, Dafis.

High atop the mountain, an ancient and forgotten religion was reborn in the very flames of destruction. The church of Dios has gained many followers and is finally prospering after so many years of hardship. In honor of his great sacrifice, an alabaster statue stands in honor of the last Tamil, a beacon of hope and remembrance to all those who come to worship, remember or to simply give thanks.

In the mountains to the north, where the city is merely a speck in the distance, an axe is pulled from the chest of an orc scout. Steam rises from the wound in the cold morning air and the Lion of the Urz scratches his beard. He turns westward and scans the breadth of the valley, the morning sun pulling the jagged shadows of the mountains across it, like the opening jaws of some great beast. His senses, as sharply tuned to the future as to the present register something coming, something dark, vast and powerful. This land may soon be in need of heroes again…

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