The major deities and religions, with information about the gods, their followers, and a list of duties and sins for those followers.

The first of the gods, and arguably most powerful. He leads the council of the gods from his golden throne. Worshipped primarily by humans, and by far the most popular. Though it could be said, that as the god of the sun and agriculture, it may be more a marriage of convenience than choice in many cases.
Titles: The King, The Godfather, Our Holy Light
Dominions/Aspects: Freedom, Light, Agriculture, Labor, Health, Pride
Stereotypical Stereotypical Followers: Farmers, Serfs, Humans
Duties: Protect the weak, spread light, oppose darkness (specifically undead), guard the good name of Pelor and his church, welcome the sun each morning.
Sins: (Minor) Failure to help someone in need (e.g. food for begger, aid to a good cause asking for help), insulting or allowing insult to the church ot Pelor, (Major) Failure to oppose the forces of darkness (not fighting devils/demons/undead), (Mortal) Supporting or aiding the forces of darkness.

For the fervent followers of justice, there is Torm. While his followers often lack compassion, they are always fair. Vigilanties, those seeking revenge, and those looking to right perceived wrongs often take Torm as their diety. “To take up Torm’s sword” is a phrase often used to describe someone seeking revenge. One of the precepts of this church is to support and uphold the ideals of the church of Pelor, and the churches are often integrated to the point that some believe ‘Torm’ to simply be a military wing of the church of Pelor.
Titles: The Stronghand
Dominions/Aspects: Justice, Truth, Rule of law
Stereotypical Followers: Guards, Nobility
Duties: Uphold the law, carry out justice, right wrongs, support the church of Pelor.
Sins: (Minor) lying, allowing a miscarriage of justice, not allowing a fair trial, (Major) bearing false witness, making false accusations, allowing a miscarriage of justice to go unpunished, (Mortal) a deliberate miscarriage of justice, perjury.

The smithy of the gods and the creator of the dwarves. He is said to also put ore into the earth and is there is rarely a mine without a small shrine to him. An unabashedly good god, his followers are never shy to use their hammers on evil or on their anvils.
Titles: The Anvil, The Hammer
Dominions/Aspects: Strength, Fair Combat, Creation
Stereotypical Followers: Smiths, Good warriors, Dwarves, miners
Duties: Be involved in forging your own tools, use your tools to promote good, fight the forces of evil, and spread the knowledge of smithing and metallurgy. Bring Moradin’s gifts to light.
Sins: (Minor) having your tools/weapons/armor made by some one else (if no skills, at least assist in pumping the bellows), Using wooden weapons in combat, burying treasure, (Major), creating flawed or impure metalworks, discarding a broken weapon/item that could be fixed, (Mortal) destroying a forge, creating weapons for the forces of darkness & chaos.

Bahamut was the greatest of Pelor’s generals and one of the strongest warriors in the heavens. Where Torm tends to favor the law over compassion, Bahamut is the opposite, favoring what’s ‘right’ to what’s legal. Bahamut is the second most popular god after Pelor in the civilized lands, being worshiped by nobility, guards, armies and most every do-gooder with a sword. The legendary network of Paladins from the ‘Platinum Order’ are nearly all followers of Bahamut
Titles: The Platinum Dragon
Dominions/Aspects: Truth, honor, healing, civilization
Stereotypical Followers: Paladins, Guards, Nobility
Duties: Uphold the truth and your honor, help those in need, root out and destroy darkness and chaos in the world. Learn the craft of healing.
Sins: (Minor) Lying, not giving aid to those in need or to a worthy effort, (Major) Not fighting or confronting a creature or worshiper of darkness, allowing someone good to die when you could have helped/healed them, running from the forces of darkness (retreats/regroupings are ok, “damn that’s a lot of zombies, I’m outta here” – is not), (Mortal) willfully helping the forces of darkness.

Corellon is the patron god of the elves, art, beauty and love. Followers of Corellon usually abhor violence, much more interested in the finer things in life. With most of Corellon’s tenets being to enjoy life and yourself, he is often considered the ‘easy’ religion, but there are many followers who are as devoted and any acolyte of Bahamut. While most worshipers are not violent, Corellon counts some of the finest warriors in the world as his worshipers, afterall for the devoted, martial prowess is an artform itself.
Titles: The Painter, Astral Brush
Dominions/Aspects: Beauty, Art, Devotion, Emotion, Love
Stereotypical Followers: Artists, Sorcerers, Elves
Duties: Spread beauty and love, share the wares and ways of your talents. Thank Corellon when enjoying his creations (wine, good cooking, dance…).
Sins: (Minor) Not thanking Corellion when enjoying his creations (especially wine), creating something purely for function – without form, showing too much temperance. (Major) Destroying a work of art, unjustly praising or criticizing a work. (Mortal) Destroying an artist (e.g. breaking a dancer’s leg).

Patron god of thieves, performers, Halflings, and most of those who don’t like to follow other’s rules. Due to the nature of Rost’s followers, cities will occasionally outlaw shrines to him, but most cities have one regardless…whether the authorities know about it or not. Rost is also known for not requiring much from his followers, but also being fickle about who and what behavior he rewards – there are few priests of Rost.
Titles: The Trickster, The God/Lord of Thieves, The Fox
Dominions/Aspects: Tricks, Travel, Humor, Change, Luck
Stereotypical Followers: Rogues, Travelers, Performers, Halflings
Duties: Live by your wits, Live free
Sins: (Minor) Being caught, Being too honest. (Major) Allowing yourself to be bound (unless its of more benefit to you). (Major) Ratting out a fellow.

Ioun has fewer followers than any other god, but a large number of shrines. As the god of knowledge and magic, nearly every institution of learning or magic has a shrine to him, though few people at these institution send him many prayers or offer him homage, except for right before test time. Despite the lack of followers, the stories of the gods portray him as a very influential figure.
Titles: N/A
Dominions/Aspects: Science, Invention, Knowledge, Study, Skill
Stereotypical Followers: Wizards, Scientists, Craftsmen
Duties: Learn all that you can, share the knowledge with others.
Sins: (Minor) Failure to teach when an opportunity arises

The god of strength and storms, Kord is a cold and uncaring god. He does not answer prayers, but he rewards those who show their strength and stamina in times of hardship. Sailors often follow Kord and believe storms are tests of strength and favor will be shown if they can persevere through. Fighters and smiths are also common followers of Kord.
Titles: God of Thunder, Lord of the Storm
Dominions/Aspects: Physical, Strength, Storms, Stamina
Stereotypical Followers: Sailors, Fighters
Duties: Be strong, and prove your strength when tested or challenged.
Sins: (Minor) Loosing strength (due to laziness, sickness, age etc…), challenging weaker opponents when stronger are available, (Major) Loosing to a weaker foe, refusing or retreating a challenge, (Mortal) Surrendering without a fight.

Originally created to be Pelor’s lover, she fell in love with Dios and the world below. In his place, she is the caretaker of the world, goddess of nature, and patron goddess of the Fey. Her worshipers rarely congregate in large groups or construct churches or temples, preferring to commune alone or in small coteries and among nature. Fey, druids, rangers and a large number of elves can all be found in Hestrus’s flock.
Titles: Green Mother
Dominions/Aspects: Nature, Wilderness
Stereotypical Followers: Primal power users, Elves
Duties: Preserve and protect nature against destruction.
Sins: (Minor) eating fish or meat more than
three times a week except when facing starvation, allowing acts of cruelty against defenseless animals, mistreating an animal, wearing fur from a beast that did not die of natural causes; (Major) hunting for sport or cruelty, torturing wild animals; (Mortal) willfully burning a forest or other natural area.

Godess of death, she and her minions shepherd the souls of the dead back to heaven and the seat of the gods. Her patrons are few, a solemn bunch all to aware of the finality of life. Her worshipers are often those that live with death, healers, executioners, gravediggers or those in long-term mourning of someone lost. They send prayers that the souls of the departed reach a peaceful end and are not ensnared by the many evils that await naked souls. Her priests and warriors are some of the fiercest known, hunting unimaginably dangerous foes, those with the will or power to cheat death.
Titles: Raven Queen
Dominions/Aspects: Death, Fate
Stereotypical Followers: Shadowlanders, Judges, Gravediggers
Duties: Mourn for those lost. do not fear the giving or receiving of death, for she is your companion and master. Destroy those who cheat her grasp.
Sins: (Minor) Prolonging life beyond one’s natural time, delaying death. Failing to mourn the dead. (Major) Failure to fight those who cheat death (undead), recklessly causing unwarranted deaths (leads to undead) (Mortal) Creation of undead, Stopping death (immortality).

The dark lord of evil, a fallen god. Asmodeus craves the souls of mortals to work his infernal plans, and his priests are constantly working to get them. While perfectly happy with sacrificing virgins and buying souls one at a time, Asmodeus preaches much more insidious works. His priests seek to corrupt and destroy entire families, cities, countries in pursuit of power for their master. His temples seek to recruit those of intelligence and discontent, and they reward generously with power – they are truly dangerous foes.
Titles: Dark Prince, The Tempter
Dominions/Aspects: Power, Domination, Tyranny, Revenge
Stereotypical Followers: Evil societies, Devils, The power hungry
Duties: Destroy your enemies. Gather souls for the master.
Sins: N/A

Elder god, and greatest warrior and general in the heavens. He preaches proficiency in battle, and the absolute destruction of one’s enemies. While Bane’s followers include violent criminals and psychopaths espousing his dominions of violence and destruction, powerful warriors and learned generals can be found following his aspects of martial skill and discipline. Despite being generally considered an ‘evil’ faith, Bane’s temples can sometimes be found in cities for the protection they can offer as well as the skills and training they can provide to armies and city guardsmen.
Titles: The Ender, The Destroyer
Dominions/Aspects: War, Destruction, Rage, Wrath, Discipline
Stereotypical Followers: Warriors, Generals, Goblins
Duties: Train your body and mind daily. Conquer, destroy or teach those weaker than you.
Sins: (Minor) Not training, showing mercy to an inferior foe, being beaten in combat by an equal or superior foe; (Major) fleeing a fight against an inferior opponent, being beaten in combat without good cause; (Mortal) surrendering without a fight.

Utterly insane, Vecna is trapped within the realm of Pandemonium, but is still able to work his terrible magics. He is the god of corruption, decay and madness, and the patron god of the undead. His priests gain inconsistent powers, changing as often as his broken mind, and many are driven insane themselves (or started out that way). But as some undead have proven the benefits can be immense power and everlasting unlife, and for some this is worth the risk.
Titles: Lord of Change, Plaguelord
Dominions/Aspects: Decay, Corruption, Disease, Madness
Stereotypical Followers: Undead, Necromancers
Duties: Spread death and decay (this is derived from his dominions, rather than a mantra of the god).
Sins: None specifically, but can change daily. Follow at your own peril.

Tryclus is known as the lord of monsters, for it was he who gave form to the orcs, goblins and most of the uncountable monstrosities that plague the world. Tryclus’s followers rarely have difficulty following his tenets. They are usually immensely greedy or violent, and the prospect that continuing this course will grant them favor with a god is just icing on the cake. Churches to Tryclus are also rare, for they have a tendency to implode rather quickly.
Titles: The Hungry One, Lord of Carnage
Dominions/Aspects: Greed, Desire, Revenge
Stereotypical Followers: Thieves, Goblins, evil dragons
Duties: Destroy your enemies. Take all that you can.
Sins: (Minor) Showing kindness, mercy or restraint (Major) Losing battles or wealth, Death by old age (Mortal) Making peace.


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